China Unicom Showcases Key Technologies for LTE Evolution

BARCELONA, Spain -- In the World Mobile Congress 2019, China Unicom showcased key technologies for LTE evolution in the 5G era in the GSMA Innovation City. Among the hype for the evolution to 5G, China Unicom's exhibition called the industry's attention to the importance of LTE evolution technologies. In the exhibition booth, visitors could try VR, video, and mobile games onsite to witness by themselves the experience leap brought by LTE evolution technologies.

As 5G commercialization approaches, operators need to invest in new 5G technologies while increasing the LTE budget to meet the ever-growing traffic requirement. Balance of investments, and how to do this in the future has been a common concern. The LTE evolution demonstrated by China Unicom highlighted three aspects: application of 5G technologies on LTE networks, LTE and NR interoperability, and smooth evolution of LTE hardware and spectrum resources to NR. China Unicom advocated the continuous evolution of LTE technologies to meet the current demands required for a smooth experience and to be prepared for evolution to 5G in the future. This insight has received wide recognition among operators.

LTE network traffic surges have increased in recent years. New services such as HD video and mobile games pose higher requirements for maintaining user experience. China Unicom is committed to innovating technologies to cope with the challenges of traffic growth and provisioning of new services. By using 5G technologies on LTE networks, China Unicom aims to continuously improve LTE network capacity and speed and decrease network latency.

LTE, with its advantages in coverage and ecosystem, will still be a major cash cow for operators in the next five years. The target network in the future 5G era will be LTE+NR, with LTE being the foundation network for mobile applications. China Unicom will work with partners to study the evolution path of LTE technologies, enhance the profitability of LTE networks, and reinforce the comprehensive competitiveness of the future networks in the 5G era.

China Unicom Ltd. (NYSE: CHU)

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