AT&T Adds 14 New 4G LTE Markets

AT&T has turned on its 4G service in 14 new markets this week as it looks to keep up the pressure on its main LTE rivals.

The new markets are:

  • Fairbanks Metropolitan Area, Ark.
  • Galesburg, Ill.
  • Macomb, Ill.
  • Peoria, Ill.
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Madisonville, Ken.
  • Maysville, Ken.
  • Cumberland, Md.
  • St. Cloud, Minn.
  • St. Joseph, Mo.
  • Roanoke Rapids, N.C.
  • Gettysburg, Pa.
  • Big Spring, Texas
  • Winchester, Va.

AT&T now says it has 461 live 4G LTE markets. Here's how that stacks up against the competition.

Table 1: 4G LTE Markets in the US

Operator 4G technology Number of markets Average download speeds
AT&T LTE (Also markets HSPA+ as 4G) 461 18.6 Mbit/s
Cricket (Leap Wireless) LTE 11 3-15 times faster than Leap's 3G
C-Spire LTE 40 markets up, 3 more coming soon Data speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G
MetroPCS LTE 30 markets 2-15 Mbit/s (depending on market)
Sprint LTE & WiMax 230 LTE, 71 WiMax 10.3 Mbit/s
T-Mobile LTE (Also markets HSPA+ as “4G”) 223 markets 25 Mbit/s (on unloaded network)
U.S. Cellular LTE 92 markets Up to 10 times faster than 3G
Verizon Wireless LTE 500+ markets 14.3 Mbit/s
Sources: Carrier data, Light Reading, OpenSignal, RootMetrics

AT&T says it will cover 300 million Americans with LTE by the end of next year. The operator expects to be nearly completely done with the deployment by mid-2014. It says it will cover nearly 270 million with LTE by the end of this year.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

DanJones 11/7/2013 | 10:54:46 PM
Re: A T & T Lots of small towns basically. AT&T is going to come and stand outside your window in Windy, Idaho and blast its boombox about how you should come back to them cos they have LTE now.
albreznick 11/7/2013 | 10:10:56 PM
Re: A T & T So what markets are now left to ad, Dan? Have they saturated the nation yet? 
DanJones 11/7/2013 | 2:52:21 PM
Re: A T & T Ain't going to happen. Look at how Verizon hit 500 markets and is still going back to expand LTE coverage in existing "covered" markets.

I tried to grapple with that here:

KCICTBUR 11/7/2013 | 2:42:32 PM
A T & T They need to build up their current areas to make them usable before they wander on down the road to other ventures.  Spotty coverage plagues them everywhere. 
Sarah Thomas 11/7/2013 | 12:11:20 PM
Digital Life It's also adding 6 more Digital Life markets on Friday. Good to see a steady clip of progress on both fronts.
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