NSN 'Has No Interest' in Huawei IPR

Nokia Networks , which is hoping to close its US$1.2 billion acquisition of Motorola's wireless infrastructure business before the end of March, has issued a statement saying it "has no interest in Huawei trade secrets." The statement came as a response to Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. 's legal action against Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT) earlier this week,

Huawei claims that some of the assets Motorola plans to transfer to NSN include Huawei intellectual property that is not Motorola's to sell. (See Huawei Sues to Block Moto Sale to NSN and Huawei Wins Restraining Order Against Moto.)

NSN says it won't comment on Huawei's action in any detail. But in a blog written for employees -- and shared with the media -- NSN's head of strategy and business development, Michael Matthews, writes that the acquisition of Motorola's mobile business is "absolutely not about getting access to confidential information on Huawei or its business. We don't need that information, we don’t want it, and we fully respect the intellectual property rights of others."

He added that the purpose of the acquisition is to add to NSN's customer roster, especially in the US and Japan (as well as other markets), and to add to its technology portfolio with product lines it doesn't currently have, such as CDMA. (See NSN CEO Talks Up US Push in 2011, NSN Expands in North America With Moto Buyout and Moto Gives NSN a WiMax Option in India.)

"Our original reasons remain our motivation: this is about expanding the base of customers that we can bring value to," he wrote.

NSN says it's currently only awaiting antitrust approval from the Chinese authorities to be able to complete the acquisition, which was first announced in July 2010. (See NSN to Buy Moto's Wireless Biz for $1.2B , NSN & Moto: It's All in the Execution , NSN Back in Love With WiMax, Moto Hangs On to $400M iDEN Biz and Might NSN Choke on Its Moto Morsel?.)

— Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

john1175 12/5/2012 | 5:11:14 PM
re: NSN 'Has No Interest' in Huawei IPR

Nokia Siemens insists it should still be able to close its acquisition of most of Motorola's networks business, despite Huawei gaining a preliminary injunction against the deal this week.


Huawei has been seeking to block the deal, arguing that it would enable NSN to get its hands on Huawei intellectual property. 

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