Mobile World Congress

The Matrix Phone Reloaded

Following the success of last year's update to the classic Nokia 3310, HMD Global returned to MWC with the 8110 – a flip phone made famous when it helped Neo escape the Matrix. With a focus on basic features, long battery life and a hidden keypad, it's a Nokia-badged throwback that would make any 90s kid happy.

kq4ym 3/12/2018 | 8:49:41 AM
$100 Nostalgia? It shall probably be pretty interesting to see what demographic buys the phone. Originally designed to be a form factor to easily talk and listen, similarly to traditional wire or cordless phones, one might wonder in this current day of primarily using phones more and more for texts and video, whether users care much about talking on phones and the idea of a covered keyboard is useful anymore.
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