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Graphene: The Future of the Telecommunications Industry?

Graphene is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in an hexagonal lattice. Its unique properties make it the most exciting tech material of the future. At MWC 2018, Light Reading went for a tour of the Graphene pavilion, looking at the wonder material and its applications for the telecommunication industry.

Gabriel Brown 3/29/2018 | 3:33:11 AM
Re: Graphene -a whole new world of adjacent possible! Terrific report!

The sort of thing BBC Click should have had on this year's MWC report, but didn't. 'Click' is a popular tech show on TV in the UK.
Steve Bell 3/28/2018 | 12:26:10 PM
Graphene -a whole new world of adjacent possible! Great report Dan, the graphene pavilion was one of the highlights of this year's MWC. Primarily because it provides a glimpse of the future confined only by our imagination. Graphene is almost completely transparent, conductive, flexible and incredibly strong, it has the possibility to transforms the materials and electronics industry which in turn will impact the digital and physical world that we know. It is in my opinion the catalyst for a whole new world of adjacent possible inventions and innovations.
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