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Driving supply chain resiliency for open RAN development

In this panel from Mobile World Congress 2023, Light Reading's Kelsey Ziser and other participants discuss the economic and technological impacts of the supply chain on open RAN deployments.

GSMA fined €200,000 for GDPR non-compliance

The GSMA has been handed a €200,000 fine due to its failure to conduct a data protection impact assessment prior to using facial recognition at the 2021 MWC in Barcelona.

Aira CEO on a smarter, more energy efficient RAN

Anand Chandrasekher, CEO of Aira Technologies, joined the podcast to discuss how his company is working to add machine learning and improve energy efficiency in the radio access network (RAN).

Verizon, NTT among service providers narrowing private 5G focus

NTT and Verizon are among service providers starting to narrow their focus for private 5G deployments as some enterprise verticals are easier to enter than others.

Ciena's hop over 1.2 Tbit/s trend could get pricey

Ciena is the only optical vendor offering 1.6 Tbit/s optical services, although the WaveLogic 6 service won't be available until the first half of 2024.

Nokia and NASA to launch lunar 4G LTE network

Nokia said the IM-2 mission will be the first cellular 4G LTE network on the moon with a goal of proving that terrestrial cellular technologies can be used to provide connectivity on future lunar missions.

The Notebook Dump: Gigi Sohn exits FCC race, Verizon's leadership shakedown

The editors discuss OFC, Gigi Sohn withdrawing her FCC nomination and Nokia's lunar 4G/LTE network. We also examine Charter and Comcast's stance on fixed wireless access, whether there are upgrades beyond DOCSIS 4.0, and 5G strategies in 2023 for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Verizon SVP on safer, more sustainable connected vehicles

In addition to discussing how IoT can support a smarter utility grid, TJ Fox discusses Verizon's strategy for connected vehicles and how connected cars are becoming safer and more user-friendly.

T-Mobile's Ray updates his 5G 'layer cake' analogy one last time

T-Mobile's Neville Ray said carrier aggregation technology essentially glues together transmissions in disparate spectrum bands in the same way a slice of a cake combines multiple layers.

SES CPO: Deploying private 5G networks via MEO satellites

SES' JP Hemingway explained why SES has partnered with Boeing and SpaceX on the launch of O3b mPower satellites, how the company is utilizing software-defined capabilities in its satellites and why it's focused on the MEO versus LEO space.

AT&T VP: Gearing up software-defined, edge-connected vehicles

AT&T's Cameron Coursey discusses how the service provider is adding more software-defined capabilities to connected cars, and where 4G and 5G come into play for specific IoT use cases.

Nokia’s head of Europe says operators are nervous about open RAN

Rolf Werner thinks fears about network quality deterioration are holding back adoption of the nascent tech.

AT&T’s Mansfield touts midband 5G, but downplays standalone 5G

AT&T's Gordon Mansfield said the operator will make significant progress this year deploying 5G on its midband spectrum. But he expressed some reservations about standalone 5G technology.

Boingo CEO: Monetizing private 5G networks in stadiums

Boingo Wireless CEO Mike Finley provides an update on the company's private wireless deployments, such as its partnership with the San Diego Padres last fall.

Open RAN hits its awkward teenage years

Some operators have been stepping forward in open RAN. And some companies, like Fujitsu and Samsung, appear to be reaping the benefits. Others, like NEC, are not.

Adios, MWC23: Photos from telecom's big bash in Barcelona

Light Reading heads home from MWC23 in Barcelona, leaving behind a show that, as networks converge, has seen its audience reach industries well outside mobile and telco tech.

Fortinet converges SASE security policies for mobile workforce

Fortinet's Anne-Gaelle Santos explained that the cybersecurity company works closely with service provider customers to develop managed SASE and SD-WAN services to secure the mobile workforce.

Did AWS win MWC23?

AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud at MWC23 represents a continued evolution in how the telco industry sees itself and the future of its networks.

Orange deputy CEO says 'fair share' not about boosting telco profits

Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissičre insists Big Tech investment contribution will help meet EU Digital Decade targets and rebalance network capacity and coverage.

MWC party goes on amid the rubble of telecom

The show goes on, attracting its highest number of visitors since before the pandemic, but the industry is in bad shape.

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