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The 'undecideds' could shape MWC Barcelona this year

Our short, informal survey revealed that nearly one in every five people who went to MWC Barcelona in 2019 are still not sure about whether they'll attend #MWC21.

Are you going to MWC Barcelona?

The big cloud companies won't be at #MWC2021, but a cloud evangelist will. What about you? Take our survey and let us know.

Intel on the outside: Chips giant, Google and Microsoft are latest to quit MWC

US technology giants backs out citing safety concerns, and Google also confirms its withdrawal from this year's event.

Cisco drops out of MWC21 citing virus concerns

The US equipment maker will join Ericsson, Nokia and others in deciding to participate online and not attend the event in person.

BT becomes first big telco to pull out of MWC21

UK operator's decision to withdraw in person follows cancellations by major equipment vendors earlier in the week.

One consultant's plan to fill Ericsson's stand and save MWC21

Following Ericsson's withdrawal, Danielle Royston, the former CEO of Optiva, is plotting a public cloud takeover of the world's largest telecom tradeshow.

Nokia joins Ericsson in bailing on MWC, with Oracle, Sony also reportedly out

Just like last year, Ericsson is leading a growing number of vendors in withdrawing from this year's MWC trade show in Barcelona, Spain, in June.

MWC 2021 is a go, but can it attract 50K visitors?

The mother of all telecom trade shows has just unveiled details of a health-and-safety plan that will either encourage or deter attendees.

Ericsson, Huawei, AT&T attending MWC, others not so sure

The GSMA expects up to 50,000 attendees at its MWC show in Barcelona. Ericsson, Huawei, Telefónica, Parallel Wireless and AT&T confirmed they will be there. Others are still deciding.

GSMA drops bombshell with MWC 2021 postponement

But the question on everyone's lips is whether next year's show will eventually be canceled.

MWC Shanghai falls victim to COVID-19

The GSMA is forced to cancel its big Asian event after Chinese authorities warn against mass gatherings.

Some CCA members fight COVID-19 by pledging 'no refund needed' on show

The coronavirus has cut significantly into some organizations' event revenues. Now, some members of the CCA have pledged to reject refunds on their trade show expenses in order to keep the association up and running.

GSMA offers sting-in-the-tail MWC refunds

Weeks after this year's show was canceled, the trade association has offered credits against the costs of future shows and, for those companies that didn't cancel, a partial cash refund.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: MWC fallout, CEO departures and satellites

Scott and Jamie are joined by Paul Nolan from CC Group PR to reflect on a tough week for telecom industry CEOs.

Deutsche Telekom, Intel breakthrough piles open RAN pressure onto big vendors

The German operator and its partners may have found a way of compensating for the performance shortcomings of general-purpose processors.

A year later, Rakuten's mobile optimism remains undimmed

Rakuten missed its 4G mobile network launch date last year, but company officials this week reiterated the Japanese company will soon turn on 'the world's first end-to-end fully virtualized cloud-native network.'

Startups and smaller companies chart paths around MWC cancellation

Companies like Parallel Wireless, Allot and Lynk are working to fill in the hole left by the cancellation of the MWC trade show in Barcelona, Spain.

Not MWC: Cisco stacks new software for mobile networks

Cisco rolls out new software stacks and automation tools to help network operators get ready for all the sweet hell that's going to be unleashed with billions of devices running on 5G.

The Telecoms.com Podcast: Huawei, coronavirus and Deutsche Telekom

The coronavirus looms large in this week's pod, which isn't coming live from Barcelona.

Intel challenges Broadcom, Marvell et al. for basestation silicon dominance

Intel said it expects to become the world's leading provider of silicon for 5G basestations by next year, tapping into an opportunity the company said ought to be worth roughly $25 billion by 2023.

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