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Huawei Brushes Aside US Blacklist as It Boosts Sales 24%

Chinese equipment giant posts dramatic growth in numbers despite US penalties.

India Opens 5G Door to Huawei at IMC

Authorities have allowed the controversial Chinese vendor to participate in demos at an industry event, suggesting it may be allowed into the country's 5G market.

Europe Sounds Alarm About 'Single Supplier' 5G Deals

Recent deals signed by the likes of Telia, Three and Telecom Italia are under an uncomfortable spotlight after the publication of a new report about 5G security.

Telia Norway goes all Ericsson on 5G and dumps Huawei

The Norwegian operator will eventually have an all-Ericsson radio access network for all the different technologies, a senior executive tells Light Reading.

Vodafone CEO 'Fast Tracks' OpenRAN in Challenge to Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia

One of the telecom's industry's top executives is backing trials of open RAN technology as a way of bringing more competition into the network market.

For Trump's Attack Dogs, There's No Stopping Huawei

Most governments and operators have shown little inclination to heed US warnings about the consequences of using Chinese suppliers.

ETSI Tackles AI Security

New specification group at ETSI is 'exceptionally important,' says industry analyst.

Meet ZenKey: Telcos' Doomed Single Sign-On Service

ZenKey is the new 'single sign-on' service from the nation's four big wireless network operators. If history is any indication, it won't last long.

Huawei's 5G Licensing Offer Is Pitched at US Companies, Says Founder

The Chinese vendor would prefer a US company to buy its technology, says Ren Zhengfei, but has so far not had a US response.

US Takes Another Step Toward Ripping Huawei Equipment Out of Country

Legislation in the House is now joining a similar push in the Senate to pay US operators to rip Huawei equipment out of their networks.

How to Shrink the Bill for Your Chinese Takeout

Service providers forced or keen to replace Huawei in their 5G networks might now have several options for reducing the cost.

Telefónica's Blanco blackballs single-vendor 5G core

The Spanish operator's top technology executive says the operator will definitely not be using a single vendor in its 5G core.

Made in China, by a Swedish Robot: Ericsson Gets Smart in Nanjing

The Swedish telecom equipment maker has been automating one of its Chinese factories as part of an ongoing efficiency drive and overhaul of its global supply chain.

Huawei Eyes Sale of 5G Assets to Western Rival – Economist

Chinese vendor is prepared to sell its 5G knowhow, says the company's founder in his latest interview.

Australia's TPG Had No 5G Plan. Does Anyone?

The legal battle over a proposed merger between two operators shines a bad light on Australia's telecom market.

China Spices Things Up With 2-Become-1 5G Plan

Two of China's operators will come together to build a single 5G network that could be a game changer for the global industry.

Trump is losing the European war against Huawei

US efforts to have the controversial Chinese vendor banned from Europe's 5G networks are failing.

Australia's Huawei Ban Is Hurting TPG & 5G

A decision to exclude Chinese vendors from the 5G market on grounds of security has taken a heavy toll on TPG and could put Australian 5G at risk.

Deutsche Telekom finally gets to launch 5G

The German operator has been given the spectrum it needs to provide 5G services three months after the country's 5G auction wrapped up.

Fastweb, Wind Tre take 5G network sharing to the limit

A 5G network-sharing agreement between the Italian operators could help to validate network slicing and provide a new paradigm for Europe's ailing service providers.

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