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BRUSSELS -- Mobile operators in Europe have responded (1) to the Commission’s latest proposals that are intended to set the regulatory framework for electronic communications into the next decade. The chair of GSM Europe Kaisu Karvala said: “This review should be about enabling European businesses to develop in an open and competitive environment which facilitates efficient businesses delivering innovative products at fair prices.”

Unfortunately, the Commission instead raised serious matters of principle in going outside of the Framework to introduce regulation of wholesale and retail international roaming markets, setting a precedent for unexpected and random future intervention in communications markets which can give no confidence to investors or operators as to the nature or level of regulatory risk they face. One of the key objectives of the Framework is to set out a comprehensive set of regulatory tools so that businesses can invest with certainty and stability. The Commission’s actions to regulate outside the Framework, bring into question whether the Framework will give operators and investors the certainty that it will be the sole source of regulatory intervention in the future.

GSM Association (GSMA)

aspiadas 12/5/2012 | 3:36:28 AM
re: Mobile Ops Vent Nice one.
Larry, Monkey 12/5/2012 | 3:36:27 AM
re: Mobile Ops Vent Stupid Flanders.
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