Mobile Music Madness

6:30 PM -- After four days at a wireless conference in sunny San Francisco, I'm one hundred percent convinced that music on phones is an absolutely terrible idea.

You can't avoid the concept this year, what with the iTunes phone and lots of people talking up carrier music services. A certain type of analyst will tell you – without looking the least bit sheepish or embarrassed – that music is a going to be a "paradigm shift" in the mobile industry. [Ed. note: That type is known as an "idiot," Dan.]

Well, let's hope not, because if the last few days are any indication, MP3-player phones and hi-fi ringtones are a giant step backwards for civilization. Seriously: Repeated exposure to tunes blaring out of tinny transistor-radio-style speakers or the "Woah-O-Oooh" diva-style ringtones – the Surgeon General warns that this kind of thing is not good for your mental health.

And if that's really your favorite song, why destroy it for youself by making it into a five-second ringtone for your phone? I got a glimpse of the future on Wednesday afternoon, as everyone was standing around outside the press room waiting for their next meeting. The numerous tunes and ringtones ricocheting across my stereo field put me in mind of being stuck in a small metallic canyon... or maybe just an NYC subway car, five years from now.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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