Mobile Broadband Booms in Algeria & Russia

Welcome to Research Rewind, a weekly recap of published telecom research and blogs from Pyramid Research and Heavy Reading.

This week we look at the benefits of mobile broadband in Algeria and Russia; wait for elections in Nigeria; let African operators show us the mMoney; see how Wi-Fi helps redirect (smartphone) traffic; and end with end-to-end management systems. It's all this week in an edition of Research Rewind to be named later.

  • This week Pyramid Research published two new Country Intelliegence Reports. In "Algeria: Political Changes May Benefit Telecom Sector," the story is the continuing dominance of broadband through 2015, with mobile data playing a key part. In "Russia: Data Connectivity Boom to Spur Market Growth," we report that the uptake of mobile broadband will grow exponentially in the next few years.

  • Nigeria's elections have been delayed, and it's caused some uncertainty in the telecom sector, with one potentially large player waiting it out. As Pyramid Research analyst Majd Hosn writes in his a latest Pyramid Point blog post, whoever wins the elections should view the telecom sector as an example of the good news that can come from the strife-riven country.

  • Meanwhile, mobile money (mMoney) in Africa is becoming big business, as Pyramid Research analyst Ronda Zelezny-Green writes in her latest Pyramid Point blog post, "mMoney in Africa: A Win for MNOs, GDPs and M4D."

  • While working on a new report on Wi-Fi Offload for Mobile Operators, Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Gabriel Brown uncovered research showing that Wi-Fi is already taking much of the burden of smartphone traffic growth." Read more about the study in his Heavy Lifting blog post, "Mobile Wi-Fi Offload."

  • End-to-end order management systems will improve the customer experience – and service providers' bottom line. That's the conclusion drawn by Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Ari Banerjee is his latest Heavy Lifting blog post, "The Order Management Revolution."

That's Research Rewind for this week. Until next Friday, we'll see you online at Pyramid Research and Heavy Reading. May the telecom be with you!

— Matt Donnelly, Managing Editor, Pyramid Research

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