MJ's Memorial on the Web

3:50 PM -- Today on Contentinople:

  • Michael Jackson's memorial service attracted huge traffic, with Facebook users posting 800,000 related status updates, and content delivery networks such as Akamai, Highwinds, and Octoshape delivering millions of live and on-demand streams of the event. However, the numbers still didn't match those of January's Presidential Inauguration, when Facebook boasted 1.8 million status updates including the word "Obama."

  • Brightcove has told customers of Yahoo's now-defunct Maven video distribution platform to beware of vultures -- such as Delve Networks, iStreamPlanet, Twistage, and VMIX Media -- that are offering them free migration and monthly discounts to switch. "One has to wonder whether the Maven customers who are wooed by such offers are jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Moving from a platform with a death sentence to a platform with little or no track record meeting the needs of sophisticated customers seems like a bad idea," Brightcove's VP of marketing Jeff Whatcott writes.
And in today's News Bits, Google plans to introduce a new operating system to compete with Microsoft Windows.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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