Missing Link Found

NOON -- Nature has a fish story to tell:

    A crucial fossil that shows how animals crawled out from the water, evolving from fish into land-loving animals, has been found in Canada.

    The creature, described today in Nature, lived some 375 million years ago. Palaeontologists are calling the specimen from the Devonian a true 'missing link', as it helps to fill in a gap in our understanding of how fish developed legs for land mobility, before eventually evolving into modern animals including mankind...

    The beast has bony scales and fins, but the front fins are on their way to becoming limbs; they have the internal skeletal structure of an arm, including elbows and wrists, but with fins instead of clear fingers...

    " 'It could have breathed on land and done a sort of push-up with its fins but it couldn't have walked...' "
Actually, scientists believe that Tiktaalik roseae probably first came on land for the express purpose of doing push-ups, which are virtually impossible to do when suspended in water.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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