Metromesh Security: Strix Strikes Back

Properly designed WiFi metropolitan mesh networks will be secure, according to Nan Chen, VP of marketing at wireless LAN mesh company Strix Systems. But he says the public will still need schoolin' on how to stay safe on free public access services that don't feature authentication or encryption.

Chen wrote to Unstrung late last night with a response to our story this week about the possibility of citywide mesh networks being hacked. He emailed us a comprehensive reply to security consultant Shawn Merdinger's thoughts on mesh security, which was the catalyst for the original story. (See Metro-Mesh: A Hacker's Paradise?)

Here's a good chunk of what the telecom bubble survivor had to say about security in this emerging marketplace (with Merdinger's original points in boldface):

Hackers will use cheap wireless access points to launch spoofing attacks against metromesh WiFi.

This is absolutely true, although it's not really any more true today with the emergence of metro WiFi networks than it has ever been. The black-hat war-drivers have been around for quite a while. Although they'll save on gas now, being able to try to hack the network from the convenience of their front porches, nothing has changed. There will always be unsecured networks and there will always be secured networks.

Get all of the details at Dark Reading.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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