Phil Harvey 2/25/2020 | 6:17:53 PM
Re: Potential legal liabilities To put your mind at ease, it does seem like the OFC conference folks are thinking through the risks and trying to keep folks safe.

Check out their page by going to the show's main URL and putting in en-us/home/about/covid-19-faq/ after it in your browser.

The outstanding question is whether companies decide that the potential hassle of sending employees is ultimately not worth it. That's a different risk calculation and the show officials really can't control that decision process.

FiberX 2/25/2020 | 5:33:10 PM
Potential legal liabilities Both OFC orgenizers and participating companies should consider the potential legal liabilities if god forbid participants will be later found infected tracked back to participating at the show. Law suits may be quite significant in case of fatalities and claims for contributing criminal negligence may be an addition. I think OFC and participating companies should consider well the risks.
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