LloydGrant 12/28/2019 | 9:11:19 AM
Not bad Yeah, article has its flaws, but it's packed with something that average user don't know. 8 out 10. You need to have a little bit more about games like this casino paypal because that's one of the most famous games there. It has many-many users.
brooks7 12/26/2019 | 1:00:34 PM

I am a specific form of gamer.  Are you saying that my mobile carrier is going to give me zero latency access to Raidbots or Warcraft Logs or Raider,io?

I think these kind of articles are what is wrong with the marriage of gaming with telecom.  The issues are broad here and much bigger than you might think.  For eSports they are playing in a hard wired setting with essentially 0 lag.  The servers and the players are connected in the same building with cabling.  There is no way to beat that with wireless as the modulation delays alone will defeat it.

Beyond that, here we have the assumption that desktop, console, mobile device, and mobile phone gaming are similar or have anything like the same needs.  The biggest issue in gamingis not connectivity.  From a gamer's standpoint, that is a solved problem.  The biggest issue is the quality of content.  Which has nothing to do with bandwidth or latency.

Content availability is what will make the game streaming services.  It is what killed Onlive and is killing Stadia.  

Finally, outside of eSports, remember gaming is dominated by young people with no money. That means that you need to find ways of having pre-pay for all these services.  Look these people complain about the $15/month a WoW subscription costs and often let their accounts lapse because they don't have the money.

So please stop and rethink your approach to gaming and telecom.  You are headed in the wrong direction.

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