Digiital_Zone 12/25/2019 | 1:11:39 AM
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maryHelenn 12/3/2019 | 3:31:58 AM
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lightreceding 11/28/2019 | 9:43:34 PM
Re: Departures and losses Really? Customers loved hearing his perspective and his Google experience? That's rich. What did BK accomplish that was great for Juniper? In what way is his departure regrettable? 
Junoslover 11/28/2019 | 2:50:43 PM
Departures and losses EVP Bikash Koley has been great for Juniper. Customers loved hearing his perspective and his Google experience. His departure departure will be very regrettable. Juniper has been bleeding and IMO the biggest and most silent loss for the company was CVP Ahmed Guetari departure (no clear reason). He was the most trusted BU/HQ leader by the field, Juniper customers and partners. Juniper is suffering an existential crisis and internal BS and announcements will not It help.