Duh! 11/22/2019 | 10:18:43 PM
What about research and advanced development? One thing bothers me about commoditization of telecom systems. Where is the big, risky innovation going to come from? A part of the high gross margin from proprietary systems -- margin that white box/open source is suppoed to compress -- goes into applied research and advanced development.

Except for Huawei (to their credit) the industry has been cutting back on this kind of R&D for decades.

Will we get to a point that equipment vendors can't afford any R&D at all, and all the innovation is in the likes of Qualcomm and Broadcom? Do the likes of Ciena and Infinera focus entirely on their nascent component businesses,  because that's where the margins are?

Who funds promising university research? Are the operators going to step up to the plate? Or does everybody expect Western governments to subsidize innovation on the scale of their Chinese counterpart? 

Or... does the industry stagnate or does it become dominated by Huawei and ZTE by default?
happy74 11/25/2019 | 12:23:56 AM
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Gabriel Brown 11/25/2019 | 3:27:43 AM
Re: What about research and advanced development?  

Who funds research is a great question Duh!

For the most part, it looks like TIP and other open networking orgs have focused on areas where there is already a level of maturoty and off-the-shelf already rules. In the cell site gateway example, you can buy a vendor integrated product that uses the exact same Broadcom switch silicon as an open product.

One might argue there have been advances in software networkng that are fundamental -- for example, cloud approaches to resiliency can be as good as, or better than, telco n+1 engineering, in some cases.

But then, in the example of the the susbsea cable systems being deployed by Facebook/Google/Microsoft/Amazon, these appear make use of the state-of-the art optical technogies developed within the telco ecosystem. We should also note these companies are investing significant sums in R&D (e.g. in optics, but also elsewhere) and this relfects a sharing of the R&D budrden as befits a sector on the rise.

A mixed and balanced approach will probably give the best outcomes. How's that for middle-of-the-road analysis?
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