unbearable 9/6/2019 | 12:25:57 PM
The Whole Story FP is/was probably the most deceptive firm to come along since the butchering industry got scales to put their collective thumbs upon.

I'd much rather pay a competitive price than subscribe to a service that sets traps in every "free" offering then delivers a horrid voip-based connection, while cleverly changing the ToS at midnight every third week.

No thanks.

Ting and Red Pocket have their issues, including being overly celebrated relative to the value they deliver, but they're still vastly more transparent than FP could ever be.

I'd rather see Ting focus on expanding their FTTH niche than worry about their own gimmickry pay-go plans that appear competitive until you add the "device fee(s)".

Mike Dano 9/6/2019 | 9:57:42 AM
Update I updated the story to make it clear that Red Pocket purchased the FreedomPop brand and retail operation from STS Media.
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