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8/16/2019 | 8:40:32 AM
Is the massive bloodletting of kord cutting finished?
I would definitely say that the worst is still yet to come; simply because the trend is your friend and also that trends typically lag and will have to run their due course and since this has taken years to get where we are not; the cord cutting bloodletting will continue accelerating for at least five or more years before it even has a chance to slow down to take a potential pause at least.

Moreover for every cable tv customer that is lost to kord cutting that is one customer that will never ever be returning back to cable tv; also they are likely to show and tell other potential relatives and/or in-laws that they can save money just as they have also just done so easily; cable tv just does not realize or even get a sense just how quickly they can potentially lose a cable tv customer; and they have also said that they don't want any potential cable tv customers that are unwilling to pay double digit cable tv inflation price increases year over year; now that is simply completely irrational and illogical and when they actually said that I immediately cut the cord as soon as they said it; that is simply complete and toal utter arrogance indeed and I will not be returning to cable anytime in my lifetime even if they pay me $100 monthly or run multi-year marketing promotions;

I am saving literally hundreds of dollars per month which adds up to thousands of dollars of saving annually; which I am using to directly fund my 401K retirement savings account for the first time in my life; thanks directly to me cutting my cable tv like the bad expensive habit it truly has become; I don't have buy into programming that I either don't need or want to get and actually have to pay for; instead I only watch exactly what I want when I want to watch it; paying exactly for what I may need to watch without any potential hassle or sales pressure without paying any potential cable tv fees at all.

Kord cutting time is only starting to become a truly mature realization in cable tv customers to actually consider and I have successfully been able circumvent and avoid using Comcast Cable TV without having to give up anything at all in the process. So yes I make the uncanny prediction that kord kutting cable tv is still in its infancy still; be prepared  for a total combined loss of cable tv subscribers of at least 20 million cable tv customers over the next ten years going forward.




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