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User Rank: Light Beer
8/19/2019 | 3:15:13 AM
Same old, same old
Isn't this the same old story? I mean come on! All the big companies are always involved in some sort of scandal and they either deny it or dont own up to their responsibility.


Philip // Black Friday Danmark
User Rank: Lightning
8/16/2019 | 3:27:32 AM
Re: Couple pf quotes and thoughts
Some interesting job specifications you can cover on a resume if you work for Huawei.
User Rank: Light Sabre
8/15/2019 | 2:43:03 PM
Couple pf quotes and thoughts
"Huawei sells street surveillance cameras (installed even in slum areas) as well as network equipment to Uganda.

But the explosive claim is that Huawei technicians helped security services crack into activists' phones.

Huawei experts "worked with us" to install spyware so activists could be surveilled, a security official is heard saying on tape."

They learned this employing this same technology and skills working for the CCP.

"It is Huawei's misfortune to be from a country renowned for its ubiquitous surveillance and abuse of individual rights."

Huawei is an active collaborator in these activities.  It has to be to remain in the good graces of the CCP.  To put it another way, Huawei has a significant business in repressing people's rights.  I suspect that they consider the activity in Uganda "normal" as that is what they do at home.  

I think this is the part that leads many in the west to discount Huawei's claims of innocence.  Here is a question you should ask:  How many people have been executed because they were spied on by Huawei equipment?



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