ajwdct1 11/29/2019 | 9:47:00 PM
SK Telecom-Ericsson announce 5G Cloud Packet Core deployment but no standard In my research for the IEEE Techblog post SK Telecom Selects Ericsson 5G Packet Core (3GPP Release 16- 5GC) https://techblog.comsoc.org/2019/11/28/sk-telecom-selects-ericsson-5g-packet-core-3gpp-release-16-5gc/

I discovered that there is no standard yet for the 5G mobile packet core in ITU and that there is no work on that subject.  3GPP is the sole organization progressing a 5G packet core spec - 3GPP TS 23.501- which will be part of 3GPP Release 16 to be completed mid 2020 at the earliest. GSMA says the network evolution from EPC to 5G core plays a central role in creating a powerful network platform that is capable of being exposed and automated for service providers.

So all the talk about 5G Stand Alone deployments in 2020 from U.S. network operators is for network vendor proprietary 5G packet core implementations.  It remains to be seen how 3GPP member companies will contribute TS 23.501 5G Core to ITU-T and ITU-R (for reference) along with other 3GPP Rel 16 functions like ultra low latency/ultra high reliability, 5G control plane, etc.

It is critical to understand that 5G stand alone requires not only a 5G packet core but also: IMT 2020 (5G) signaling/control plane, network management and orchestration rather than 4G LTE equivalent functions.  Those functions are not yet standardized either within ITU.


The closest you get to 5G softwardization functions like virtualization, network slicing, capability exposure, etc is ITU-T SG 13 Question 20 and 21. 

You can see several new ITU-T recommendations on network slicing at https://www.itu.int/itu-t/workprog/wp_search.aspx?isn_sp=3925&isn_sg=3932&isn_qu=4171&isn_status=-1,1,3,7&details=0&field=acdefghijo

Enhanced SDN, Architecture and other IMT 2020 related software based recommendations are at https://www.itu.int/itu-t/workprog/wp_search.aspx?Q=20/13




ajwdct1 8/13/2019 | 11:28:16 AM
Re: Partially true but misleading and unrealistic forecast for standards based 5G deployments For 5G the vendors and wireless nework operators will have to adhere to IMT 2020.  3GPP is one of several organizations that have submitted IMT 2020 RIT/SRIT to ITU-R WP5D for approval. China and South Korea will haave different 5G RITs which were progressed at last months 5D meeting in Brazil. 

3GPP and ITU-R timelinses for IMT 2020:


More importantly, if the IMT 2020 mobile packet core (Stand Alone) is agreed and approved by ITU-R WP5D in late 2020 how could vendors possibly have products out until end of  2020 or early 2021?

Mike Dano 8/13/2019 | 10:26:40 AM
Re: Partially true but misleading and unrealistic forecast for standards based 5G deployments Hey! Thanks so much for your comments. 

So, based on my discussions with executives from operators and vendors throughout the years, most wireless network deployments adhere to the releases from the 3GPP.
ajwdct1 8/13/2019 | 12:57:33 AM
Partially true but misleading and unrealistic forecast for standards based 5G deployments This article is partially true, but very misleading:

1.  "3GPP, the wireless industry's main standards organization."

3GPP is not a standards organization which they clearly state on their website. 


ITU-R WP 5D is the standards body for IMT 2020 which 3GPP contributes to (mainly via ATIS submissions)


2, If 3GPP release 16 will specify a 5G core (vs NSA- LTE/EPC core) in March 2020, how would it be possible to deploy that until late 2020 when IMT 2020 standard is scheduled for completion?  More likely it will be 2021 before standardized 5G mobile packet cores are deployed.  Note also that 3GPP Release 16 will specify ultra low latency; Release 15 does not.


3.  There are no standards for 5G virtualized RAN, network slicing, network management or security from ITU-R and only functional requirements and reference architectures from ITU-T SGs, which are not implementable.  Hence all of those fuctions, along with roaming, will be proprietary for several years, despite the efforts of various open source consortiums/forums.
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