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Cloud 4G
Cloud 4G,
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8/2/2019 | 11:34:19 AM
DISH's PLan Looks Right
DiSH faces a steep, long uphill battle to establish itself as an infrastructure-based MNO.  However, Ergen's plan looks well suited to the 5G supply and market environment.  



One aspect of the building networks as distributed cloud-service platforms is the sites become less vendor-dependent as they virtualize the base stations within the cloud. The tower and smallcell installations can use remote radio heads that connect to central or distributed edge base-station and core servers through fiber optic lines or gigabit wireless backhaul.  That makes the network far less vendor specific outside of the core and centralized server platform.  This opens up the possibilities for adding bands, innovations in local network architecture and end-user devices, and much more flexible upgrades. For example, this approach makes it much easier to change out the radio heads with massive-limo or to use additional bands.  Dish might use swapped-out equipment in locations for which it remains viable to meet market demands.  



DISH starts into this with no core or backhaul networks.  They must rely on outside suppliers, including competitors.  Despite that, the plan is to use a reduced-cost method of deployment on the cheaply gained spectrum.


The basic business equation sales - costs = profits. 

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7/31/2019 | 3:13:04 PM
Dish will probably fail
Rolling out a new network is very expensive and Dish is losing revenues. By the time they have any semblance of a 5G network (if even possible), they'll have to deal with additional competition from Low Earth Orbit SAT providers that will probably have entire US coverage by the time 5G is available to 50% of US from any one carrier. Dish's history is squatting spectrum. It's what they know how to do best, not building terrestrial networks.

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