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mikelhenry 1/25/2020 | 2:48:32 PM
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mikelhenry 1/25/2020 | 2:43:55 PM
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seniorkoa 1/8/2020 | 7:27:27 PM
Great Resource I want to start this post by defining the word undertake: it means to start doing a certain thing, especially when it requires effort or work or when it has certain importance or scope.
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You can undertake a challenge, to fulfill a dream or need, but not everyone has to undertake or have the ability. It is logical and must have everything, is what enhances the human being.
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Entrepreneurship requires a lot of effort and work, uncertainty, fear of change, ambition and living outside the comfort zone, more if we invest money and time in our business that we want to live. Whoever tells you it's easy does not tell you the whole truth.
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What challenges does it pose?
Of course, it is satisfying to create your business and live from your work, the one you have chosen and of which you feel very proud and passionate; you do not have bosses, you create your own infrastructures and you organize yourself as you see fit.
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This is so, but the attitude in which you face these facts, face continuous challenges, not knowing if you are going to bill and see the problems as learning, this is what differentiates an entrepreneur from a person who works for someone else.
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Does not mean that a person who works for someone else does not have problems, of course, you have them and have to deal with, but the entrepreneur is often alone and does not have a business infrastructure to support you on these issues, on the other hand, she likes to create constantly, her days are not all the same, she lives in uncertainty, she is creative and she has to develop many skills, many times she is a man or woman orchestra.
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popachat 1/2/2020 | 8:58:54 PM
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aw123 12/18/2019 | 8:17:49 AM
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dyoungdj 12/10/2019 | 6:50:45 AM
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Yaleboi 12/4/2019 | 3:30:22 PM
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mandy32 11/26/2019 | 6:34:40 AM
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