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Kelsey Ziser 7/29/2019 | 4:49:19 PM
Not ready to cut the cord We have DirecTV now and I've been pretty happy with it. It's $35 a month and I can burn brain cells watching the Real Housewives of Whatever Metro Area (why are rich people so unhappy? I digress), Below Deck Med, Paranormal Survivor, and Deadpool on FX for the 3,496th time. If there was an app that just let me watch Bravo TV plus Deadpool then I'd cut the cord.
Phil Harvey 7/29/2019 | 5:27:12 PM
Re: Not ready to cut the cord That would be one of the most hilarious marketing bundles ever. Deadpool + Housewives. 

DirecTV pricing is interesting, too. I've never met two people who are paying the exact same price for the service. 
Kelsey Ziser 7/29/2019 | 5:56:49 PM
Re: Not ready to cut the cord Oooh the bundle could be called "Stepford Wives and Superheroes."  I love Sci Fi, superhero movies, action movies, space movies, reality TV, and paranormal investigations. I like presenting a challenge to the marketing departments. 
Phil Harvey 7/29/2019 | 6:10:11 PM
Re: Not ready to cut the cord Your bundle is called, "Not Sports and Not C-SPAN."

It'll cost $59 a month, with a rental fee for the DVR, the satellite dish, an HD service fee and an installation fee. If you want it in 4K, we'll tell you it's possible and then we'll send a technician who will talk you out of it. 

Will you be home between the hours of 8 AM and next Christmas?

Kelsey Ziser 7/29/2019 | 6:18:10 PM
Re: Not ready to cut the cord Okay okay, you win, I'll cut the cord!
Mitch Wagner 7/29/2019 | 7:26:18 PM
News We still have cable for two reasons. One of them is habit. The other one is one I hesitate to say because it makes me sound as old as Grandpa Simpson. 

Network news. We watch it in the evening. 

However, I just checked and it seems like our favorite news program is on Hulu. So maybe it's time to perform that operation. 

ajwdct 7/29/2019 | 9:42:12 PM
Will cancel AT&T Uverse TV when my contract expires I've been a pay TV subscriber for decades, but I can't stand AT&T or Comcast anymore!  Those are the only 2 pay TV choices in Santa Clara, CA and I've had both.  Uverse recently dropped the following channels WITHOUT GIVING SUBSCRIBERS ANY COMPENSATION/REFUND OR OFFERING ANY SUBSTITUTE CHANNELS:


When I complained about that on the AT&T Community website, my posts were deleted!

When I called the 800 #, keyed in my Uverse account # and told the auto attendant I was calling to complain about Uverse TV channel blackouts the attendent asked me "Are you calling about your wireless service"   DUHHHH?

Phil Harvey 7/30/2019 | 10:44:46 AM
Re: News @Mitch,

I think that's a fine reason to hang on to pay-TV.

We live in an area that is frequently under a tornado or severe storm watch of some kind so I made sure that our OTT options included local news/weather with all the major networks represented. 

YouTube TV (in DFW) has a very good local, live TV selection BUT I've heard the local, live pay-TV scene varies a lot by region. Go here and search for your zip code. 


Phil Harvey 7/30/2019 | 10:56:25 AM
Re: Will cancel AT&T Uverse TV when my contract expires @ajwdct,

It's frustrating what happened with U-verse TV -- AT&T does seem to be slowly winding it down and giving people as many reasons to leave as they can.

I think the CBS channels will be back sometimes soon -- those carriage negotiations usually don't last indefinitely.

The NFL channels won't be back -- I think they've been moved to a tier where you are charged more.

With the OTT options, my son and I decided to live without the NFL Network. Most of the games aren't exclusive to the NFLN, so that made it easy to switch.

Best of luck.

ajwdct 7/30/2019 | 5:05:15 PM
Re: Will cancel AT&T Uverse TV when my contract expires Thanks for your reply Phil! 


Perhaps I can live without NFL Network and NFL Redzone which I've watched since 2007 with Comcast and then since 2010 with AT&T Uverse.

Neither NFL Network or NFL Red Zone are available at ANY PRICE on Uverse.  When you select those channels you see a screen saying 'Channel is no longer available" and directs you to a web page saying an agreement couldn't be reached.


Same for KRON Ch4- very popular SF Bay Area news and local sports channel.  NOT available anymore because content agreement with owner couldn't be reached.


Yet with all those lost channels, AT&T not only does not provide refund/rebates or substitution channels, but DELETES ATT COMMUNITY BLOG POSTS THAT COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!
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