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Phil Harvey 7/29/2019 | 6:10:11 PM
Re: Not ready to cut the cord Your bundle is called, "Not Sports and Not C-SPAN."

It'll cost $59 a month, with a rental fee for the DVR, the satellite dish, an HD service fee and an installation fee. If you want it in 4K, we'll tell you it's possible and then we'll send a technician who will talk you out of it. 

Will you be home between the hours of 8 AM and next Christmas?

Kelsey Ziser 7/29/2019 | 5:56:49 PM
Re: Not ready to cut the cord Oooh the bundle could be called "Stepford Wives and Superheroes."  I love Sci Fi, superhero movies, action movies, space movies, reality TV, and paranormal investigations. I like presenting a challenge to the marketing departments. 
Phil Harvey 7/29/2019 | 5:27:12 PM
Re: Not ready to cut the cord That would be one of the most hilarious marketing bundles ever. Deadpool + Housewives. 

DirecTV pricing is interesting, too. I've never met two people who are paying the exact same price for the service. 
Kelsey Ziser 7/29/2019 | 4:49:19 PM
Not ready to cut the cord We have DirecTV now and I've been pretty happy with it. It's $35 a month and I can burn brain cells watching the Real Housewives of Whatever Metro Area (why are rich people so unhappy? I digress), Below Deck Med, Paranormal Survivor, and Deadpool on FX for the 3,496th time. If there was an app that just let me watch Bravo TV plus Deadpool then I'd cut the cord.
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