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Mike Dano
Mike Dano,
User Rank: Blogger
7/22/2019 | 1:09:00 PM
NTIA testing completed
The day after this article published, the NTIA's ITS lab announced in a blog post that it had completed its SAS testing. 


The next step in the process involves the FCC reviewing those test results. Already Google and CommScope submitted their SAS test results to the FCC:



If the FCC approves the NTIA's test results, it will likely allow initial commercial deployments a few weeks after that approval.
Mike Dano
Mike Dano,
User Rank: Blogger
7/19/2019 | 11:16:26 AM
Re: You mean ICD by end of 2019?
Correct. NTIA is saying "months" from now which puts ICDs near the end of 2019, and initial hopes were to have that done by end of 2018.
User Rank: Light Beer
7/19/2019 | 11:03:36 AM
You mean ICD by end of 2019?
Mike, when you say that  Initial Commercial Deployments in the CBRS band could ultimately be delayed by almost a full year I assume you mean referencing from time back in August 2018 when the hopes were that  ICD would be launched by the end of 2018.  So you are suggesting that ICD could launch as late as the end of 2019 though Federated Wireless still anticipates ICD approval in August/September timeframe.  Did I get that right?  Denis Aguilar, Athonet USA.

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