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7/12/2019 | 1:10:01 PM
You unlock this door with the key of ... engineering
The link below looks like a good attempt to model and estimate the increased spectral effiency of 5G NR vs LTE. Downlink increases from 15 to 23 bps/Hz (a 50% increase) and uplink increases from 3.5 to 24 (a factor of 7). This a model, not real world results. 


The modelled downlink increase is nice but not exactly game changing. The only way to increase spectral efficiency further is through network densification. Yes, this costs money but there is no such thing as a free lunch. 

According to V Chandrasekhar et al, wireless capacity has increased a million-fold since the 1957. They broke this down into:

- a 5-fold improvement from better modulation schemes,

- a 5-fold improvement from dividing spectrum into thinner slices,

- a 25-fold improvement from using (buying) more spectrum,

- a 1600-fold gain through reduced cell sizes and hence transmit distance i.e. densification.

* V Chandrasekhar, J Andrew, A Gatherer, "Femtocell networks: a survey" Communications Magazine, IEEE vol 46, pp59-67, Sep 2008, 


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