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Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey
6/26/2019 | 4:08:04 PM
Re: What kind of 'ten' are we talking here?
Yes, that's what was said in media briefings, but you asked a good question re affiliates that we can't really get more info on (yet).

The WSJ reporting said ten service providers. The NY Times quoted Cybereason's CEO as saying that the compromise of its customer eventually led it to about 10 other firms that had been hit in a similar way, with hackers stealing data in 100-gigabyte chunks.

The only kind of company discussed by Cybereason in its materials, video and security report was telecom service providers, but the company won't comment on affiliate relationships because that'd make it easier to narrow down which firm was compromised initially.

6/26/2019 | 9:49:54 AM
What kind of 'ten' are we talking here?
First, kudos to Cybereason for this great work.

That said, I'm a little wary of the "ten" number that's being used about the number of service providers targeted.

I've read Cybereason's superbly detailed report on Softcell a couple of times now. No mention of "ten" service providers anywhere. At least not that I can see.

Presumably that number has been shared by Cybereason  in media briefings?

This is telco-land, here, so there are different kinds of 'ten'.

Is this ten unique telcos or is it actually just one telco group with ten affiliates?

Big difference.

Maybe LR could put in a call?
6/26/2019 | 4:17:37 AM
Operation Soft Cell
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