Jeff Baumgartner 6/14/2019 | 2:00:12 PM
IoT security He makes some key points here... IoT securityh has become a bigger emphasis for the cable guys of late as they wrest more control and management of the home network -- Comcast (with Cujo AI's assistance) has a product now called Xfinity xFi advanced security, Charter's an investor in Cujo AI and picked the vendor as its in-home network security partner, and even CableLabs is tackling this issue with its "Micronets" framework.  JB 
Phil Harvey 6/14/2019 | 1:29:38 PM
Netflix, YouTube, Hulu peak traffic totals Here's a slightly more readable version of the North American data on one of the charts in the story. The peak traffic totals are pretty amazing.
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