Kelsey Ziser 6/12/2019 | 2:34:27 PM
Re: Question on standards Oooooh OK, that makes sense, thanks for the extra insight :)
Mike Dano 6/12/2019 | 2:30:49 PM
Re: Question on standards Great question! I beleive they're saying that there's a chance that companies in China could form their own separate 3GPP. And for technology that they've already worked on but cannot license anymore due to the ban, they might just make their own version that is not licensed.
Kelsey Ziser 6/12/2019 | 2:23:40 PM
Question on standards Mike - could you expand on this paragraph? 

"The risk that 3GPP is going to break down is pretty high," wrote the Wall Street analysts at Jefferies in a note to investors, according to the FT. "If Chinese companies are prohibited from licensing technologies that they have already seen -- and which in many cases they have heavily influenced -- [the risk is] they could just use it."

Are you saying that they would just circumvent standards bodies?
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