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Sterling Perrin
Sterling Perrin
6/11/2019 | 11:34:37 AM
Re: Technology Used?
Inquiring minds want to know! It sounds a lot like network slicing using segment routing. 
Mike Dano
Mike Dano
6/11/2019 | 10:21:57 AM
Re: Technology Used?
Great question, and that's something I don't know the answer to. Network Next said they're working with CDNs like Limelight and others to create this routing capability, but beyond that I'm not sure about the details.
Sterling Perrin
Sterling Perrin
6/11/2019 | 10:08:46 AM
Technology Used?
Do we know what technology is being used to do this? The description sounds alot like segment routing but there is no mention of segment routing in the article. 



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