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5/31/2019 | 1:23:36 PM
Must be the 5G E settlement -- join the "fun"
So Sprint sues AT&T for calling its LTE update "5G E". Then they settle, the terms being unannounced. And now what? Sprint declares that its LTE network is 5G too! So the settlement must have been to convince Sprint that AT&T was not only right, but that Sprint should join the fun.

5G, of course, is almost meaningless. It refers to anything after 4G, because 5 comes after 4. NR is not actually New Radio but a set of tweaks to LTE to extend its range of speed, frequency, bandwidth and timing options. The actual speed you get is based on SNR; you can't beat Shannon. If you are standing next to a base station you'll get more speed but 2.5 GHz has its limits in the mobile world, being much more sensitive to clutter than 600-800 MHz. But then millimeter wave is a farce too. It is really only useful for fixed LoS applications like nearby-cell backhaul.

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