Kelsey Ziser 5/31/2019 | 11:50:26 AM
Bezos' beneficiaries I'm all for philanthropy but I wonder how well Amazon warehouse employees are paid and treated in the first place. I saw a video but a former employee who said they're overworked, don't get many breaks, and have unreasonable expectations placed on them for getting goods out the door to customers. It's totally possible that not everything this person said was accurate, but it did make me wonder -- if I get Amazon packages so quickly within ordering them, how much are employees scrambling to make that happen? Maybe some of those billions could go back to the employees that make it all possible in the first place.
ErynLeavens 5/31/2019 | 12:01:47 PM
Re: Bezos' beneficiaries Oh totally. I don't think her philanthropy is a reflection on the company at all or that anyone is saying it is. If Jeff had donated his money that would be a different story potentially.
Kelsey Ziser 5/31/2019 | 1:43:40 PM
Re: Bezos' beneficiaries Ah good point, I didn't think of it from that perspective. Do you think part of it is a jab on her part? Like making a point that he should be more philanthropic? 
ErynLeavens 5/31/2019 | 2:00:45 PM
Re: Bezos' beneficiaries Hmm, or maybe she's just a better person?
Kelsey Ziser 5/31/2019 | 2:02:35 PM
Re: Bezos' beneficiaries Probably! And I meant it less vindictive and more of a "see what you could have been doing with your money?" ... no one person needs billions of dollars.