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Swifter Fans
Swifter Fans
8/28/2019 | 2:17:05 AM
You know waht a Swifter HVLS ceiling fan can save your expenditure on costly air conditioning of your factory, gym and many more large spaces


Cooler in the Summer. Warmer in the Winter.
HVLS fans were developed to efficiently deliver comfort by generating the evaporative cooling effect: when evaporating the perspiration on human skin, a wind chill effect is created, thereby making you feel cooler. Another benefit is "winter-warming" which is when the fans are used in reverse direction, the warm air that often gets trapped in the ceiling area gets pushed downward, away from the ceiling and towards the floor. By re-circulating, the warm air around the facility, the ambient temperature and comfort level of the room are increased and energy costs are reduced.
5/7/2019 | 12:35:01 PM
Good selection
I know about half of the nominees. They are all interesting. I'll have to look at the rest.

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