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4/25/2019 | 5:08:12 AM
Not Confirmed!
I too heared about it but didn't confirmed that it is true or not?
4/25/2019 | 11:30:24 AM
Into the Trough of Disappointment
This is no surprise, at least to me.

The rationale for making any level of autonomous driving depend on availability of a mobile network -- particularly one in its very earliest stages of a long deployment cycle -- was never really coherent. As this demonstrates, it seems to be a solution looking for a problem.

This, plus other recent news, may be the inflection point, where reality starts setting in. I do believe that the Trough of Disappointment will be followed, in the next couple of years, by The Slope of Enlightenment. For the connected car, there are a few use cases that actually do make sense. These have to be (ahem) driven by the automotive industry, not telecom. 
4/25/2019 | 12:50:11 PM
Yes, it sounds like a great idea to allow some random person to go by themselves in my car.  Nothing could possibly go wrong (insert here such levels of sarcasm that many people cover their ears in pain).  I can't imagine that car theives might figure a way to liberate some Tesla's from their owners.

I mean seriously...who comes up with this stuff?



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