e2mbcorp 4/4/2019 | 8:52:13 AM
The MAC is layer 2 Why is it called FMA, but then there's a statement that the focus in going to be on the transport and control planes.  The MAC is layer 2, also referred to as the Data Link Layer, sitting on top of the Physical layer 1.  Sometimes the MAC has two sub-layers, and sometimes it has three sublayers. So is the lower MAC shifting on the fly or are they actually making changes to TCP/IP?  I'd warn against doing that and still calling it Internet.  Is this part of the full duplex play?  Because anything between exactly two points is also not Internet.  Have they finally achieved a universal MAC which can look like any type of switch, without needing to run Ethernet over DOCSIS?  Ultimiately, I'd think that CableLabs would just want an elegant solution for simultaneous synchronous and asynchronous traffic on a single channel. But it sounds like they're still running a network on top of a network if DOCSIS is still only synchronous.
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