Phil Harvey 3/27/2019 | 10:59:10 AM
Re: quid pro quo re: Comcast -- could be. I'd be surprised if Apple hasn't had some kind of exploratory talks with AT&T, Comcast and the other top five broadband providers.

For smaller ISPs, I can see the Apple TV, with the new streaming service, as part of a compelling bundle -- again, with the ISP getting the halo effect of a premium streaming service.

I do think Apple:

1) Has a much bigger audience for its video and music streaming services than just iPhone users.

2) Should not worry about the wide availability of its content services diminishing anyone's appetite for an iPhone or any other Apple-made devices.

3) Should work with carriers and cable ops to offer really good service bundles for fixed and mobile broadband plans. Verizon already offers 6 mos. of Apple Music with its unlimited mobile plans. That's weak, but it's a start.

4) Should try the Amazon membership gimmick. What if AppleCard members suddenly could get all of Apple's content services for a low, flat rate, 2TBs of free iCloud storage, and a 10% discount at the company store? Such offers would drive loyalty and transaction volume and, as Amazon found out, people who pay you to be a customer tend not to churn as much. 

Let's see what happens next.

Jeff Baumgartner 3/27/2019 | 8:57:21 AM
quid pro quo It's been interesting to see Apple start to embrace other streaming platforms (Fire TV, Roku some smart TVs) for the TV app and this coming, new premium streaming service. It's clearly an admission that Apple believes it'll need to go outside its device ecosystem to drive more scale into that business, even if that means that these other platforms will likely get a cut of the pie. 

But to your point it makes me wonder if Apple's next big move will be to have not just its TV App integrated with more MVPDs (beyond Charter, fuboTV, Altice USA), but that it will also try to tie in the new Apple TV+ service to MSO-supplied set-top boxes and take the path that Netflix and Amazon Prime have taken.  Seems like it could be a good fit on Comcast's X1 platform and, in turn, Comcast could integrate its Stream app on Apple TV boxes -- wonder if that's all part of the negotiations happening between them that has so far kept Comcast's app off of Apple TV. (See: Comcast & Apple Don't Have a Deal (Yet) for the Apple TV).  JB