[email protected] 3/25/2019 | 8:21:25 AM
Re: Hey Ray Much as I'd love to dedicate daily time to our interactions, alas I am not that organized. Your comments were not ignored, just not immediately addressed.

With regards to Partner Perspectives - no, they are not subject to Light Reading editorial processes and I am not responsible for the content. 

You make a valid point -- I will address it with my colleagues.

mrblobby 3/23/2019 | 3:29:08 AM
Re: Hey Ray Thanks for making my point.
mrblobby 3/21/2019 | 12:01:31 PM
Re: Hey Ray Would you please clarify whether the Partner Perspectives series falls under your editorial purview? Because if not, I submit that these pieces should be much more clearly identified as adverts. As it is they look exactly like content that has been prepared by a journalist and that readers should expect to meet the site's editorial standards.
[email protected] 3/21/2019 | 5:19:08 AM
Re: Hey Ray I know it doesn't, so no.
mrblobby 3/20/2019 | 3:38:23 PM
Hey Ray Don't you think that this "Partner Perspectives" stuff impinges on (nay, negates) your editorial independence?
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