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Henrik Hemrin
Henrik Hemrin
3/18/2019 | 6:13:29 PM
Do you have any figure of reasonable/maximum distance between the RBS and the equipment at home for the 5G wireless access? I'm sure there are many it depends on..., but   any fact or estimation?
3/18/2019 | 1:51:10 PM
Re: White glove approach:
There are two approaches to the two-part HU on a window solution, one of them optical, the other near-field RF. The optical approach is Nokia's work-around for near-field RF blocking patents owned by MaxLinear. At least as of last October, Verizon was still interested and there was activity on the product development front. MaxLinear did a demo at MWC a few weeks ago, with its manufacturing and wireless power partners.

I speculate that operators will be able to predict the probability that a simple indoor installation is feasible at a customer location, based on propagation maps and various clues about construction materials (an application for machine learning?). New customers who qualify get offered the self-install option, others get a tech.

Cloud 4G
Cloud 4G
3/16/2019 | 2:20:49 PM
This is Captain James Kirk
... Which carrier are we using?  No, we already have our own unlimited broadband everywhere in our galaxy. Who manages it? The smart network intelligence I guess.


The local/home nodes (eNB) that are on the market now are smart enough to be user deployed.  AI is among the most rapidly evolving areas of 5G, wired network services, and government and enterprise operations. 


In the not all that distant future a valid question is "why will managed network operators be required outside of serving as a WBB utility".
3/15/2019 | 5:41:48 AM
Why must Wireless be free when fiber is 1500-2000 USD incl ?
Nice article Mike,

However of course the holy grail is self-install, but if you want gbps speed, the other option is fiber and digging and installing fiber can be 1500-2000 USD.

Why should then 5G mmWave be "free", Also a professional mmWave technician is not needed you need a trained "normal" technician only and the work is done in 30-45 min, hence even if they coast $200-$400 cost per day that is 10 homes per day not one home. i.e. cost per home is 20-40 USD.

So, comparing 2000 USD with 20 USD is not too bad. Also making a self-install CPE is much more expensive (like the Nokia Bell-labs) that would be at least 2-2,5x an outdoor CPE cost.

Just my 5 cents 😉

Anders Storm


Sivers IMA
3/14/2019 | 4:21:02 PM
Re: White glove approach:
I think were trying to do something with Bell Labs to use a laser to make a connection through a window for a 5G signal: https://www.lightreading.com/mobile/5g/nokia-bell-labs-and-verizon-stretch-fixed-5g-to-the-home/d/d-id/738134
Mike Dano
Mike Dano
3/14/2019 | 4:12:01 PM
I corrected Jeff Kohler's title.
Mike Dano
Mike Dano
3/14/2019 | 2:33:33 PM
Re: White glove approach:
Yeah, good quetsion. My understanding is that nothing has changed in regards to the propogation characteristics of signals in millimeter-wave spectrum. It's just that Verizon is hoping customers will be able to either put the reciever next to a window (in the case where that will work) or install it on their roof (if that's necessary).

At one point Verizon tested a device that would essentially sit on the outside of a window and transfer a signal inside, but the company hasn't talked about it recently:


3/14/2019 | 2:21:03 PM
White glove approach:
Verizon talked about a "white glove" approach to professional installation when 5G Home was launched in October.:



My understanding about mmWave 5G signals penetrating low-e glass etc. is still an issue:


Can the consumer situate the 5G modem to get the best signal and all that?

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