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3/15/2019 | 4:09:12 AM
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3/14/2019 | 12:05:56 PM
Re: Verizon Mobile 5G Service Is Really Unlimited
The irony would be that you would get throttled on your 4G connection if you used enough data!
User Rank: Light Beer
3/14/2019 | 8:07:46 AM
Verizon Mobile 5G Service Is Really Unlimited
So is one wanted to received truly unlimited(no hard or soft data cap whatsoever); one would simply order the $95 month 4g plan(with its default included 75Gb soft data cap) and then just add the $10 month 5g plan add-on and then be able to get so called Verizon Mobile 5g service without any hard or soft data cap limitations whatsoever; I will believe it when I see it and not before; I always look at the fine print in the written terms and conditions, since after all it is $105 per month for so called 5g data plan without any supposed terms/ conditions and/or built-in limitations in so far as any potential hard or soft data cap limitations at all; at that lofty price of $105 monthly I would expect it to actually replace my wired cable broadband or else I would stay with my Spring Unlimited for $15 monthly which I currently have thanks to their very limited marketing promotion which I was most fortunate to get in on.

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