Mike Dano 3/11/2019 | 9:35:47 AM
Comment from AT&T After this article posted, AT&T sent me the below statement. I'm including it here because I think it highlights just how important AT&T is taking this Verizon request for interoperability, and exactly how they feel about it (spoilers: They really don't like it).



Chris Sambar, senior vice president of FirstNet, AT&T: 

"It's no surprise to see Verizon clinging to their commentary around interoperability; it's the last tool they have in their attempt to remain relevant to the advancements FirstNet is driving in public safety communications. Look at the history of Verizon's interoperability message, and you'll see that it continues to change flavors as they try to find a foothold. And while their latest focus is priority and preemption, what they are failing to share is that all traffic to a FirstNet device receives priority regardless of where it comes from (another FirstNet device, another provider, etc.). If Verizon doesn't recognize and treat outside traffic coming into their public safety subscriber devices with that same level of priority, then that's on them. Our mission is to help first responders more efficiently and effectively achieve their mission. This is another poignant example for why the quality assurance and federal government oversight that comes with the FirstNet communications platform is so critical to ensuring what's built for and delivered to public safety is done right."