Pickles534 3/1/2019 | 10:01:53 AM
Nice article Very nice article Thank you for this
brooks7 2/27/2019 | 9:48:54 AM
Re: 5 Billion Drop in the Bucket Vendor Financing was so successful in the Optical/Internet/CLEC bubble.  Just ask Lucent and Nortel.


Phil Harvey 2/27/2019 | 9:09:54 AM
Re: 5 Billion Drop in the Bucket How much vendor financing do they do? The story wasn't about R&D spending but I don't doubt at all that Huawei outspends everyone else. 
CEO87052 2/26/2019 | 1:41:03 PM
5 Billion Drop in the Bucket Huawei spends about $12 billion annually for R&D of 5G.   Cisco'a five billion is a down payment.  Huawei has been investing heavily since 2009, when the U.S. let Nortel go bankrupt, Lucent merge with Alcatel and went bankrupt as well as let Ericsson and Nokia wither away financially. Bell labs gone, Bell Core gone.......Now Cisco commits $5 billion to catch up?


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