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Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey
2/19/2019 | 6:13:05 PM
Re: Windstream is down 68%
Windstream does have the ability to appeal, so that's an option. They can also negotiate with the bondholder and see what comes of that.

The way the judgment was written, though, left very little room for argument (to my untrained eye). It seemed like he was going by the letter of, vs. the spirit of, the law.

2/19/2019 | 12:39:08 PM
Re: Windstream is down 68%

Do you know if there is an appeals process for this or it is a done deal at this point?


Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey
2/19/2019 | 10:45:21 AM
Re: Windstream is down 68%
Yeah, this is not pretty. Now we've got the 5th largest telco in the US at the mercy of bondholders (hedge funds) and the courts. A restructuring of some kind will likely be in the works.
[email protected]
2/19/2019 | 10:03:34 AM
Windstream is down 68%
In early Tuesday trading, Windstream's stock is down by 69% to $1.08.

Holy fandango...

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