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2/8/2019 | 12:54:34 PM
Re: 5G backhaul

The question is bandwidth and spectrum.  Are you going to put consumers on the same spectrum as your own sites?

I suspect both technologies will play a role.  I get really confused by the micro-cell on every streetlight and figuring out how that will work from a backhaul standpoint.


Sterling Perrin
Sterling Perrin,
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2/8/2019 | 10:26:01 AM
Re: 5G backhaul
This is an interesting question for anyone in the fiber business.

Beyond cost, the issues for wireless backhaul are: bandwidth, reliability, and latency/performance.

It's not necessarily whether fiber beats wireless, but whether wireless is sufficient for the operator requirements in these areas. If it's not, lower cost is irrelevant - the operator will need to lay fiber in order offer 5G. If wireless BH is sufficient, then I think the wireless options will be a real challenge to fiber.

I remember in 4G, vendors promoting MPLS-TP touted the sub-50ms recovery was vastly superior to the 100s of ms recovery of MPLS. And this was true. Therefore, they said, operators should go w MPLS-TP. But operators found that 100s of ms recovery was fine for the applications at the time. So they didn't need MPLS-TP even though it was "better."

I don't know how much of the MPLS-TP lesson will apply to 5G wireless vs. fiber backhaul. But i'm very curious how operators view the performance of wireless backhaul vs their transport network specs.

[email protected],
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2/7/2019 | 3:31:04 PM
5G backhaul
This should be intuitive. MMeter wave spectrum was being used as backhaul back in LMDS days. It would be perfect for backhaul.


Use a PtMP system and you can serve several small cells off one central point.


Plenty of bandwidth. cheaper than fiber, and fewer pesky permit problems/fees.

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