Clifton K Morris 1/23/2019 | 12:23:30 PM
Re: review Hah!

And you think Ericsson and Nokia who fund ETSI will go for this because of what reasons? Remember- Nokia and Ericsson prefer working with the former government-owned monopolies who control issuance of airwaves licenses... this way, their credit rating in the market is directly tied to the government they’re doing business with. It’s a risk hedge... but also keeps the companies from doing a lot of hard work. Just look at the skills of Ricky Corker has that landed the job he has today.
Melendez 1/19/2019 | 8:06:45 AM
I think Rising influence within the world 5G technology landscape. Building a powerful ... A clear spectrum policy can foster healthy 5G development. Invest in network ... support to form a whole scheme within the market – from technology .... R&D trial completed. Build trial 5G network. Expand 5G networks. Issue. 5G licences.
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