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umbro tel
umbro tel,
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1/21/2019 | 4:56:26 AM
Re: Time to cut Rajeev Suri? What has he accomplished so far???

yes rajeev didn't accomplished nothing so far even is way to speak is not convincing anyone inside the company. He seems to be someone outside the company, a speaker and not a CEO.

Most of the traction on the market come out of the ex-nokia executives. The executives team is a sort of collection of uncompetent people. I am not amazed about anyone of those. Not clear what this will spot out next. I expect Rajeev to leave at the end of January 2019.

I also expect a profit warning at least from nokia at the end of the month in that case Rajeev should immediately quit
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1/17/2019 | 6:10:12 PM
Time to cut Rajeev Suri? What has he accomplished so far???
Time to cut Rajeev Suri? What has he accomplished so far??? Time for the spineless NOKIA board tp cut and banish Rajeev Suri once and for all.  Nokia = Nokia Siemens + Alcatel + Lucent + whatver was left of the great phone comany Nokia]. Even after these many M & A, Rajeev is still trying to gain efficiency? Come on man, what have you been doing for so many years? Even after this many years and lots of acquisitions, if you are not able to gain traction and compete, why not replace the CEO? Or is he doing a great job? 


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