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1/20/2019 | 4:48:26 PM
Re: Is it worth reporting everytime a manager leaves?

In fact, I have worked for 2 tech startups.  Even in the one that I was part of that I was managing through the sale of the company instead of bankruptcy did not have 33% voluntary turnover.  In fact, that last year of problems we had 1 leave out of 40.  Note the word VOLUNTARY.



1/20/2019 | 4:35:02 PM
Re: Is it worth reporting everytime a manager leaves?

Clearly you have never worked in a tech start up. In a normal business this would plain wrong, in a tech start up this is just normal. Just wondering why LightReading only report this kind of boring news on Sigfox, not Ingenu or Semtech?
1/19/2019 | 2:54:07 PM
Re: Is it worth reporting everytime a manager leaves?
If you think that a 33% voluntary turnover rate is normal in a start-up, then you are wrong.

Also note, this report talks about a C-level executive.  Which if you scroll through other articles is reported on regularly at firms both large and small.


1/18/2019 | 8:50:49 PM
Is it worth reporting everytime a manager leaves?
When you have 400 employees and 40 key employees in a high tech start up (i should call it a grown up now), you are bound to lose 1/3 (12 = 1 per month) every year because some can't stand the pressure, some have other opportunities or some make mistakes and prefer leaving. So potentially you could write an article every quarter with the latest 3 departures & 3 arrivals, which i guess you do with delectation. But is it worth it ? is it that interesting? This is boring & negative journalism just to get some audience. I am sure you can do better than that.

There is so much happening at Sigfox and i would really encourage you to go to the anual Sigfox connect expo to feel the positive vibe and growth of customers and ecosystem partners. Sigfox also has a strong roadmap of highly differentiuated solutions, so please stop comparing to LoRa or Nb-IoT which personally rarely compete with in Australia or New Zealand. 

Last, i would praise the Sigfox management team over the past 2 years for making tremendous progress in every aspects of the business. Bringing new blood is compulsory in tech companies to stay fresh, alert and open to new ideas & solutions, and may be you should focus on those areas of the business which are way more interesting than the latest departures.

Sigfox Coms
Sigfox Coms
1/17/2019 | 12:27:07 PM
Thank you for being so attentive and faithful to Sigfox
We have grown significantly over the last few years, with our network now covering 60 countries, 1 billion people and more than 6 million objects worldwide and it's only normal in such a fast growing market to adapt your team as your company continues to expand and face new challenges. We feel sorry you do not talk more about the major deals we have won with Michelin, Total, LVMH and Free to name a few. Don't hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions.

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