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1/19/2019 | 6:24:23 PM
Right on target
Well done. I have confirming datapoints for most of your ideas. This is one I just found "Autonomous vehicles will be fully capable of operating without C-V2X" Don Butler, Ford

On URLLC & 1 ms latency, have you heard any operator committing to build it in the next six years or so? I haven't.

1/16/2019 | 6:28:15 AM
Re: 5G - Operators need to learn to sell into verticals


I have seen AT&T assemble a manufacturing vertical last September, and believe Orange SA is doing likeiwse.


I guess Vodafone should do soemthing given its expertise in M2M/IoT


Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown
1/16/2019 | 3:39:42 AM
Re: 5G - Operators need to learn to sell into verticals
Good comment pertercf. It's a tough challenge for operators to build teams to support verticals over the long-term --  e.g. how often does the electricty grid operator want a new comms supplier? Vendors, integrators and consultancies with specialist sector knowledge will be essential.

Iain -- headline here is a "bit previous" in my opinion. Considering 2020 was ear-marked as the start of 5G and that a cycle is normally 10+ years, what did you really expect?
1/15/2019 | 12:38:58 PM
5G - Operators need to learn to sell into verticals
From work I have done the big stumbling block at the moment is that many, if not most, operators don't understand how to package, sell and deliver a 'service' - just handsets.

That's means MNOs need to re-learn or start from scratch to build a sales-marketing-delivery-billing-support teams, in discrete vertical silos "who understand that vertical including the business models that might work". If MNOs can't do that then they need to engage with Systems Integrators who can, this latter will mean the price goes up and/or the margins won't be as large.

As for 5G and autonomous vehicles, then no autonomous vehicle system will need to be standalone at the core of the vehicle + vehicle to vehicle for collision avoidance. I believe 5G has everything to play with connected vehicles and as a support to the autonomous systems to provide external data when needed.

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