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Kelley E
Kelley E,
User Rank: Light Beer
1/23/2019 | 12:04:45 AM
Panama City 5G
Any word on 5G in Panama City? Haven't seen a word since Verizon announced last October 5G for PC in February. 

Are they turning it on gradually or will they flip the switch for all on a given day?

Has AT&T also decided to go with early 5G here? A friend said she saw an ad on TV for 5G. The local store has no information and didn't know about the ad or what it might have said.

I need to know because I plan to move before they turn it on.  4G cell phone turns my ankles to ice when it is recharging, so I don't want to be here when 5G goes on.
Clifton K Morris
Clifton K Morris,
User Rank: Light Sabre
1/15/2019 | 2:34:27 PM
Re: Update
Good catch on one antenna that covers a metro area. Reminds me of times when T-Mobile placed Nortel S8000s in the back of a VW Bus, and parked it on a busy street (at a parking meter) so they could advertise service being available in certain areas.
Clifton K Morris
Clifton K Morris,
User Rank: Light Sabre
1/15/2019 | 2:29:02 PM
Well, if we are to believe 3GPP standards bodies, Release 15 is supposed to use 1024 QAM, which isnít just one order of magnitude higher symbol rate, from LTEís 256 QAM, but two. Each order of magnitude has a loss factor of -3db. Because RF loss is logarithmic, a two order of magnitude increase will result in -9db of RF loss. Essentially, the propagation and coverage will likely shrink to about 1/3 unless antenna technology in handsets can overcome loss at the recieving antenna.

Added to this, I foresee handset manufacturers needing to increase battery life (external battery packs..?) to overcome the new power requirements for devices that last more than 24-hours on a charge.
Mike Dano
Mike Dano,
User Rank: Blogger
1/15/2019 | 10:34:49 AM
I updated the first sentence in the article to make it clear that T-Mobile isn't offering commercial services, but did install 5G equipment in the cities.

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