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[email protected]
1/11/2019 | 7:34:43 PM
Also you forgot to mention that every Skycom employee had a Huawei employee badge and a Huawei email address. Otherwise has anyone heard if Ms. Meng is running out of friends to have coffee with in Vancouver while she wears her ankle bracelet awaiting extradition to the Easternd district of NY???
[email protected]
1/11/2019 | 7:22:23 PM
Huawei situation
A couple of points: One that ZTE is more dependent on US technology than Huawei due to HiSilicon, the Huawei subsidiary that does everything from switching/routing silicon to baseband for them. An import ban on ZTE is a death sentence while it’s just a major blow to Huawei. Where both companies, and China as a whole, lack internal expertise and capabilities are in coherent optical transmission and transport (including ACO/DCO, EDFAs, and ROADMs), and in wireless with RF PAs, filters, etc. Every Huawei cell phone ships with a QRVO envelope tracker, and with 5G they need US BAW filter technology more than every. ZTE is faced with a terminal import ban if they screw up again and soon so will Huawei. It puts the US is an enviable position in terms of tariff negotiations and eventually hobbbles the ability of the Chinese government to gain favor in Iran, North Korea, Syria, and other banned nations.
1/11/2019 | 8:37:08 AM
Excellent article Iain...
Clifton K Morris
Clifton K Morris
1/9/2019 | 12:51:40 PM
The German connection
Reminiscent of when Douche Telekom wanted to buy Sprint. Before the merger was announced, DT owned networks across Iran and other embargo’ed countries. But today, DT wants political favors, and because Germans are white and have blue eyes, we shouldn’t expect them to be placed in internment camps like the Japanese were sent to during World War II.

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